logo-carvin Carvin Audio started manufacturing pro audio gear in the early 1970s, which became popular with many artists such as Frank Zappa, Missing Persons and Oingo Boingo. In the mid 2000s, TRx loudspeakers were introduced, providing high-end audio to live audiences, utilizing our years of experience designing professional audio equipment. In 2012, we released the flyable TRx3000 series, consisting of a wide dispersion line array, column array and large 8,000 watt subs. Our legacy continues at our large cutting edge facility in San Diego, California, producing products made in the USA utilizing uncompromising components with DSP controls, Baltic Birch enclosures and weather resistant DuraTec™ finishes. Loudspeakers, mixers, amplifiers and microphones are part of Carvin Audio's line-up designed for major events including concerts, schools, and houses of worship around the globe where high-end sound reinforcement is required from portable, FOH house systems, installations, or DJ systems. Our audio experts are ready to help design a system that meets your requirements especially if it’s for difficult acoustic environments or where high acoustic levels are required. Carvin Audio is committed to providing excellent factory support.

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